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Water-based metallic paint

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Product Name Provide Angle·look Water-based Metallic Paint
Product Category Chemicals » Agrochemicals » Others
Product Keyword Water-based metallic paint
Product Origin china

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Angle·Look Water-based metallic paint advantage
environmental protection, Angle·Look Water-based metallic paint and paint the most essential difference is that a selection of solvent, water-based paint is water-based metallic paint special harmonic fluid as paint thinner, and oily lacquer USES organic solvent ji, the organic solvent ji are generally harmful to human body, to the atmospheric pollution and incendive solvents, and at the time of film to evaporate into the air, the so-called threat to health arises. And these hazardous substances do not evaporate completely in a short period of time, such as formaldehyde, which may take five to 10 years to completely evaporate. Thus, the damage to the human body becomes a long-term action. And water-based paint, due to the use of water-based metallic paint special mixed liquid instead of organic solvent ji, so the film is volatile out of water, also won't bring any harm to human body. Therefore, the difference between water quality paint and oily paint is the environmental protection and the effect on human health.
Fast drying: Angle·Look Water-based metallic paint is based on a new generation of water-based resin, which greatly improves physical performance on the basis of original water-based polyurethane paint. The drying of lacquer table is under normal temperature only 30 minutes, solve the oily paint table dry, reapply the long defect, greatly improve the efficiency of the work. Salt resistant fog, good weather-resistance, anti-rust function is a good substitute for traditional oil paint.
high hardness, hardness aspects over the years has always been a problem of water-based paint manufacturing industry, it also creates many water-based paint manufacturers no floor paint or can only be used instead of ordinary, with also caused the construction of all kinds of accident, the masses of users terrified, appear the situation of knowing water-based paint but did not dare to use environmental protection. And Angle·Look Water-based metallic paint break more than 2 h mark on hardness, and high fullness, paint film is exquisite and smooth, especially on real wood door, furniture, cabinets, fine wood real wood material can be fully present the natural texture and texture effect, it can even make paint cannot make household products unique "see wood paint" effect, it is paint can match with them.
good flexibility, Angle·Look Water-based metallic paint coating product has a unique flexibility, can withstand the sun ultraviolet ray of nue, solve the disadvantages of paint film is easy to crack.
paint film is not changeable repairing wong: paint is contained in the organic determine its physical properties and chemical composition of paint film yellowing is the fact that it cannot be changed, and the longer the paint film is thin, even disappear. In theory, Angle·Look is an inorganic reaction, which determines that the paint film cannot change. In practice, the performance of Angle·Look Water-based metallic paint is also the result of the tough test of time and market. The paint film of oily paint is hard and crisp, and the damage is not easy to repair, and Angle·Look Water-based metallic paint solves this problem and fix the problem easily.
Performance stability: this is very important, as a new creature in the market with water and metal paint and the phenomenon of fish and fish. Some businesses took a fancy to water-based paint market space, but not spending on technology research and development, adopt the mode of using cheap raw materials, water-based paint products at a low price impact of low-end market, for short-term gain. The result is a quality problem that gives water paint a lot of negative mian effect. And Angle·Look Water-based metallic paint on the market for seven years, with the stable product quality, strong technical research and development ability, won the new and old customers consistent high praise.